Project description:

Capacity building in the field of mental health in South Sudan

This network co-operation project is aiming to develop research, teaching and clinical competence in the field of mental health at Bahr ElGhazal University, in order to ensure sustainable capacity building by supporting leadership and management training, education of personnel at institutional level and enhancing gender equality and promote women`s rights in all programme activities. Also to conduct a Mental Health Project in South Sudan aiming to generate knowledge about prevalence of mental health problems, poverty and displacement due to war as determinants for mental health problems and to carry out a mental health intervention programme in areas that are deemed relevant to the goals and objectives of the Government of Southern Sudan, and that can be used as a model for further development of mental health services in the region.
The main educational activities will be in form of study programmes at the level of Bachelor,Master and PhD in the field of Mental Health, International Community Health and Accessibility, Equity and Human Rights . Institutional development by funding of smaller infrastructural facilities, also study visits/staff exchange related to curriculum development and other collaborative activities.
By the end of the project all the students are expected to complete their study programmes and the curriculum is expected to be updated with new approaches making the teaching and learning processes more effective and enjoyable. Phase 1 and 2 of the Mental Health Project will be finished resulting in training of health workers and improved public health services in general and particularly in mental health in the project areas.