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PeriodProject title
2015 - 2018Dhulikhel Emergency Care study - PhD
2015 - 2014Regional master in nursing
2015 - 2015Master's programme in Sustainable Water and Sanitation, Health, and Development
2014 - 2015Network for molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan: the cradle of the new lineage 7
2014 - 2018Improving Girls’ Education by Mitigation of Gender Based Violence In Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
2014 - 2015Global health day 2014 - Health system research and violence against women
2014 - 2017Improving diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis by implementation of a sensitive and specific assay in routine tuberculosis diagnostics
2014 - 2014Workshop on hepatitis diagnostics in resource-poor countries, The Ethiopia-Norway hepatitis network
2014 - 2017Zinc as an adjunct for the treatment of very severe disease in infants younger than 2 months
2014 - 20152nd African Conference on Key Populations in the HIV Epidemic
2014 - 2018Development of a vaccine for enterotoxigenic E. coli based on the heat-stable toxin
2014 - 2019Impact of vitamin B12 on neurodevelopment and cognitive function from early life into school age.
2014 - 2015Improving the use of qualitative evidence in global health decision making: a workshop on the CERQual tool
2014 - 2018Novel vaccine designs for induction of broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV
2014 - 2018Enfance Africaine - Mental child health in francophone Africa
2014 - 2018Therapeutic vaccination and immune modulation - new treatment strategies for the multidrug-resistant tuberculosis pandemic
2014 - 2018Acceptability and Effectiveness of Umbilical Cord Cleansing with 4% Chlorhexidine for the Prevention of Newborn Infections in Uganda
2014 - 2014International Seminar on Integrated Water-Related Disease Control
2014 - 2015Building research collaboration for child mental health in East Africa
2014 - 2018Harmonized Reproductive Health Registry Communication Strategies: Using Health Data to Empower Women and Health Systems
2014 - 2018Capacity building in Zoonotic diseases management using the integrated approach to ecosystems health at the human- livestock – wildlife interface in Eastern and Southern Africa
2014 - 2018Health and sustainable development in Myanmar- competence building in public health and medical research and education
2014 - 2018Novel Malaria Vaccines
2014 - 2018South Ethiopia Network of Universities in Public Health (SENUPH) improving women’s participation in post graduate education.
2013 - 2014GLOBVAC International networking event and proposal initiating workshop.
2013 - 2017Avoiding Contraceptive Controversy. Ensuring task Shifting through Standardization of Contraceptive Implant removals.
2013 - 2014Defining research needs for major infectious diseases in Ethiopia and South Sudan
2013 - 2016The major disorders of the brain in Nepal. A population-based study and educational project
2013 - 2017Safer Births- new knowledge and innovations to decrease perinatal mortality and morbidity worldwide.
2013 - 2016Vacc-HIV: A novel therapeutic vaccine combination for HIV infection
2013 - 2014The legal battlefield of sexual and reproductive rights: drivers, dynamics and health consequences
2013 - 2014Genome Maintenance Meeting-based network
2013 - 2014Joining forces to produce next-generation vaccines against enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli
2013 - 2018Antimicrobial stewardship and conservancy in Africa
2013 - 2018Capacity building in postgraduate surgical training and research in Malawi
2013 - 2017Creating efficient vaccine candidates against Tuberculosis using mutant Mycobacterium smegmatis
2013 - 2018Development of a novel nursing and midwifery graduate and postgraduate training programme in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe
2013 - 2018GROW-NUT- Growing partnership for higher education and research in nutritional epidemiology in DR Congo
2013 - 2018Reduction of the burden of injuries and occupational exposures through capacity building in low income countries
2013 - 2018Strategic and collaborative capacity development in Ethiopia AND Africa
2013 - 2018Styrke utdanning og forsking ved høyere utdanningsinstitusjoner i Kenya og Uganda innen helseinformasjonsystem slik at disse kan bidra til bedre helseomsorg i Afrika og globalt
2013 - 2018SURVIVAL PLUSS: Increasing capacity for Mama-baby survival in post-conflict Uganda and South Sudan
2012 - 2017Evaluating interventions in antenatal care to identify and assist victims of gender-based violence in Nepal and Sri Lanka
2012 - 2017Surgical Training Program, increasing surgical capacity by training non-physician clinicians to perform surgery in Sierra Leone
2011 - 2015An epidemiological study on gynecological morbidities among married women in rural Nepal with especial emphasis on cervical cancer and related risk factors
2011 - 2014Group B streptococcus infections in neonates and colonization of pregnant women in Nepal
2010 - 2013Healthy Schools: Reducing dengue and diarrheal diseases in primary schools in Colombia
2010 - 2012Biomarkers of mycobacterial infection and disease, and molecular characterization of mycobacteria from high TB-burden countries.
2010 - 2014Develop and deliver cooperative regional Master Programmes in "Nutrition, Human Rights and Governance"
2010 - 2014Master of Science in Epidemiology
2010 - 2014MSc Medical Genetics
2010 - 2012mVAC - Mobile innovations in recording child vaccination and health data in immunization registers
2010 - 2012To what extent do user fees affect Hepatitis B vaccine coverage rates in China?
2009 - 2010Oppdatering av Kunnskapssenterets rapport om det vitenskapelige grunnlaget for diagnostikk og behandling av CFS/ME (Updating the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services' report on the scientific basis for the diagnosis and treatment of CFS / ME
2009 - 2010Understanding cancer patients' pathways of care
2009 - 2012Link between Diarrhea and Dengue: Fecal contamination and dengue mosquito production in household water containers in Southeast Asia
2009 - 2009Persistent toxic substances during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period
2009 - 2010Safe use of radiation in Diagnostic imaging and Radiotherapy. A cooperation project between the Radiography Programme at University of Tromsø (UiT) and Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu.
2009 - 2012Enabling Universal and Equitable Access to Healthcare for Vulnerable People in Resource Poor Settings in Africa
2009 - 2010A community randomised trial on acceptability, feasibility, preventive impact and cost-effectiveness of home-based voluntary HIV counselling and testing in Zambia
2009 - 2011A rapid serological screening method for detecting tuberculosis disease and monitoring the efficacy of new vaccines
2009 - 2014Arctic Indigenous people's adaptation to contaminant problems and climate change
2009 - 2012Cultivated V kotschyana and C tinctorium, can they replace wild ones in products against gastric ulcer in Mali to retain the biodiversity?
2009 - 2011Development of an outer membrane vesicle vaccine for Africa against serogroup A and W-135 meningococcal disease
2009 - 2012Expression and evaluation of envelope domain III-based experimental tetravalent dengue vaccine using a tobacco chloroplast expression system
2009 - 2012Improved vaccination responses and optional immunomodulating therapy by adjuvant administration of COX-2 inhibitor in HIV-infected patients
2009 - 2012Improvement of identification of patients with first psychotic episodes in primary care and their treatment and social services in Arkhangelsk oblast
2009 - 2010Living conditions among people with disabilities in Swaziland and Lesotho
2009 - 2011Studies to complete the phase II clinical stage of development for the peptide-based HIV-1 therapeutic vaccine candidate Vacc-4x.
2008 - 2013Etiology, Risk Factors and Interactions of Enteric Infections and Malnutrition and the Consequences for Child Health and Development
2008 - 2011Maternal mortality amid the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi: Reviews to make pregnancy safer and promote human development
2008 - 2011Identity preserving care of persons with Alzheimer's disease and their families - a health promoting longitudinal controlled intervention study.
2008 - 2009Pectin products from Malian medicinal plants, can they combat ailments related to the immune system?
2008 - 2010Evaluation of the Impact of the Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness Strategy on Neonatal and Infant Mortality
2008 - 2012Evaluation of the Impact of the Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness Strategy on Neonatal and Infant Mortality
2008 - 2009International workshop to discuss quality standards of indigenous and alternative medicine in multicultural settings in Meso-America
2008 - 2011Accessibility to health services among people with disabilities in southern Africa
2008 - 2011"How to feed an infant": Exploring HIV positive mothers' and nurses' experiences with prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) programmes
2008 - 20102nd generation Vaccibodies for infectious diseases
2008 - 2011Developing vaccines against diarrhea caused by Escherichia coli and Shigella
2008 - 2010HIV vulnerability and HIV prevention needs among men who have sex with men in Tanzania
2008 - 2011Impact of a new and affordable conjugate meningococcal vaccine on carriage of serogroup A Neisseria meningitidis and disease transmission
2008 - 2013Improving access and quality in maternal health care in Sub Saharan Africa
2008 - 2012Indoor air pollution. A neglected poverty related cause of global ill health -impl. for health and society of promoting clean fuels in China
2008 - 2011Livelihood Pattern and Reproductive Health among the Gamo of Southwestern Ethiopia
2008 - 2010Lungwena health, nutrition and agricultural multidisciplinary project, towards poverty reduction
2008 - 2013Multidisciplinary approach to explaining differential immunization coverage
2008 - 2011Negotiating womanhoods, At the frontiers of women's empowerment in Tigray, Ethiopia
2008 - 2013OMEVAC (Open Mobile Electronic Vaccine Trials), an interdisciplinary project to improve quality of vaccine trials in low-resource settings
2008 - 2009Phase IIb-Test of Concept Clinical Trial of the peptide-based HIV-1 therapeutic vaccine Candidate Vacc-4x
2008 - 2014Phase III double blind placebo-controlled trial of infant periexposure prophylaxis with 3TC to prevent HIV-1 transmission by breastfeeding
2008 - 2012Right to health trough litigation? Can court enforced health rights improve health policy and priority setting in poor countries?
2008 - 2010Safety and Immunogenicity of 3 Administrations of Multiple Formulations of 116E Live Attenuated Oral Rotavirus Vaccine
2007 - 2011Bioaerosol exposure and airway symptoms of seafood industry workers. A study of a Norwegian and a Russian seafood industry worker population
2007 - 2010Female genital cutting and gender relations in Kurya society
2007 - 2010Health risks among Gogo women beggars in Dar es Salaam, 1920- 2000
2007 - 2010Psychosocial implications of Female Genital Mutilation/Female Circumcision (FGM/FC) and the perception and attitudes of urban secondary school girls in Khartoum State
2007 - 2010Psychosocial implications of infertility in Sudan
2007 - 2010The challenges of obstetric fistula in Sudan
2007 - 2010The complex challenges of obstetric fistula: A study of perceptions and experiences in Ethiopia.
2007 - 2010The complex challenges of obstetric fistula: A study of perceptions and experiences in Tanzania
2007 - 2010Zoonotic tuberculosis in Ethiopia, Epidemiological aspects
2007 - 2011Highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) of HIV-infection in a town in Cameroon: Randomised controlled study to suggest which treatment starting point is most beneficial for the patients
2007 - 2011Exploring experience with human resources in the health system at district-, facility- and community levels in low income contexts; the case of Tanzania
2007 - 2010HIV and AIDS and disability in South Africa
2007 - 2011Immunity towards mycobacteria - identification of avirulent vaccine strains and therapeutic targets
2007Performance based funding of the health sector in Tanzania
2007 - 2011Factors behind the high Cardiovascular Disease morbidity and mortality in Russia
2007 - 2011A comprehensive school- and health system-based approach to adolescent health promotion in South Africa and Tanzania
2007 - 2011Assessment of cyanobacteria and cyanobacterial toxin in water and lesser flamingos in lakes Manyara and Momella in Tanzania
2007 - 2011Capacity building and research in sub-Saharan Africa to promote survival among HIV-exposed infants
2007 - 2012Capacity building in the field of mental health in South Sudan
2007 - 2011Child, Welfare and Gender in Comparative Social Work
2007 - 2011Essential nutrition and child health in Uganda
2007 - 2011Ethiopian malaria prediction system (EMAPS)
2007 - 2013Further Developments of New Immunogenic Peptide-based HIV Vaccines Targeting Dendritic Cells
2007 - 2011Gender, generation and social mobilisation: Challenges of reproductive health and rights among vulnerable groups in Ethiopia, Sudan and Tanzania (GeSoMo)
2007 - 2011Globalization and Changes in the Cultures of Survival and Care in Ghana: From Capacity Building to Policy Dialogue
2007 - 2013Health and Information Systems - Two integrated programmes at the University of Malawi
2007 - 2013Integrated Health Information Systems (HIS) for vaccination in developing countries
2007 - 2010Integrated Masters Programs (M.Phil.) in Public Health Research in Asia (Bangladesh- Nepal,Bhutan, India and Pakistan)
2007 - 2012LAYVAC: Lay health worker programmes for vaccine uptake in low and middle income countries: Developing a global knowledge-base
2007 - 2011Lungwena health, nutrition and agriculture research project
2007 - 2012Master of Science in Clinical Neuropsychology - Building expertise to deal with the Neuropsychological challenges of HIV-infection
2007 - 2010Master Programme in Health Policy and Management
2007 - 2013Masters in Medical and Health Informatics: Asia Focus
2007 - 2010Maternal mortality and morbidity in Malawi and the Gambia
2007 - 2011Molecular and Biochemical Methods as Tools for Monitoring Harmful Cyanobacteria in Mozambique.
2007 - 2010New rotavirus vaccines: targeting childhood morbidity and mortality in low- and middle-income countries in Central Asia
2007 - 2009Novel vaccine candidates and delivery systems for HIV and influenza
2007 - 2011Occupational respiratory diseases among male and female workers in dusty industries in Tanzania
2007 - 2009Poverty reduction strategies in a public health pespective. Social grants, HIV/AIDS and the role out of HAART in South Africa
2007 - 2011Preparing for tuberculosis vaccine efficacy trials: Baseline epidemiology, improved diagnosis, markers of protection and phase I/II trials
2007 - 2008Productivity of health workers
2007 - 2011Registry based reproductive health research in Northern Tanzania
2007 - 2011Research and capacity building to address the diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in tuberculosis
2007 - 2011Setting up an institute of public health in Arkhangelsk
2007 - 2011Strengthening HIV-related interventions in Zambia: co-operation in research and institution capacity building
2007 - 2011Studies of molecular epidemiology, clinical epidemiology and immunology of tuberculosis in pastoral communities and their livestock in Ethiopia
2007 - 2011The role of social capital in promoting community based care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
2007 - 2010Ultrasensitive HIV-1 p24 antigen test on dried blood for infant diagnosis - a study from Haydom, Tanzania
2007 - 2010Use of alternative treatment in Scandinavia
2007 - 2011Value addition to traditional Ugandan foods for improved health and nutrition
2007 - 2011ZOOTOX-2007-11: Collaborative research in environmental toxicology and zoonotic diseases in the Human ? Domestic animal ? Wildlife interface areas of Eastern and Southern Africa - A South-North Veterinary Network
2006 - 2010Searching for effective HIV-prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focussing on local contexts
2006 - 2009The SUPPORT Collaboration: Supporting Policy Relevant Reviews and Trials
2006 - 2011Governing HIV/AIDS through Coordination?
2006 - 2011Pectin products from Malian medicinal plants, can they combat ailments related to the immune system?
2006 - 2010The effect of enhanced tuberculosis passive case finding through OPD, antenatal, PMCTC, FP and MCH clinics in Dar-es-Salaam and Pwani regions, Tanzania
2006 - 2011Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research
2006 - 2009Type 2 diabetes and lifestyle in ethnic minorities in Oslo, and in populations in Pakistan, Bangladesh and China
2006 - 2013NOMA - degree programmes in clinical medicine and nursing
2006 - 2010Alternative Treatment Strategies in HIV Infection - research platform with integrated biological and clinical objectives
2006 - 2009Development of a subunit vaccine for prevention of reactivation of tuberculosis
2006 - 2013Focus on Nutrition and Child Health: Intervention Studies in Low-income Countries
2006 - 2009Global Health and Development
2006 - 2009HIV prevention among young people in- and out-of-school in Northern Tanzania
2006 - 2013Integrated Masters in Health Informatics - Tanzania and Ethiopia
2006 - 2013Sandwich programme for M Med and M Sc degrees in clinical medicine
2006 - 2010Strengthening fairness and accountability in priority setting for improving equity and access to quality health care at district level in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia (REACT)
2006 - 2012Strengthening human resources for health. A study of health worker availability and performance in Tanzania
2005 - 2009HIV/AIDS epidemiology and its impact on tuberculosis and CD4 counts
2005 - 2008Community- and health facility-based intervention with zinc as adjuvant therapy for pneumonia to enhance child health and nutrition (CHIZAP)
2005 - 2008Promoting infant health and nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa: Safety and efficacy of exclusive breastfeeding promotion in the era of HIV (PROMISE EBF)
2004 - 2008Tuberculosis in the 21st century; an emerging pandemic
2004 - 2008Change agents or cultural reproducers? A study of teachers' influence on school-based HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa
2004China-Norway collaboration in traditional Chinese medicine
2004 - 2007HIV Research Net
2002 - 2006'Caring for those infected means caring for the future'. A community based, participatory support initiative aimed at meeting the needs of HIV positive people in the Limpopo province of South Africa
2002 - 2007Gender, generation and communication in times of AIDS
2002 - 2006Health systems research and health promotion in relation to reproductive health in Tanzania
2002 - 2006Medicinal plants in Mali: Ethnobotany, phytochemistry and biological activity
2002 - 2006Research and training network in pathology
2000 - 2009Vaccine innovation for low-revenue markets
1998Collaboration between North-West Russia and Norway on studies of sepsis and acute lung injury
Arctic indigenous peoples' adaptation to the socio-cultural and global climate change
Building competence in epidemiology in Palestine - Taking over and maintain phase
Caring for the Seriously Sick in Ga Families: A Study of Cultural Traditions and Modern Innovations
Culture, Context and Conflict: a study of Changing Discourse on Care among the Dagaaba of North West Ghana
Ethical issues in health policy in Sri Lanka
European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition
Health Information System Programme (HISP)
Indoor air pollution in Guizhou province, China
Intergenerational Relations and Care in the Era of Globalization: A Study from Ellembelle Nzima
Making Motherhood Safe: Gender, Culture and the Socio-Economic Context of Maternal Care of Women in the Ashanti Region
Malaria tomorrow? From weather forecasts to forecasts of malaria
Planning meeting for the PROMISE PEP Follow-up study
Research and training in southern Africa for the development and evaluation of new childhood vaccines
The Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of Plant-Derived Influenza H5N1 Vaccine in Preclinical Models.
The use of medicinal plants in primary health care in Uganda
Towards a functional Cure for HIV: Combining reservoir purging agent (HDACi) with therapeutic vaccination (Vacc-4x)- The REDUC Study
UiB/UDSM couselling, education and health promotion
Urogenital occurence and persistence of group B streptococcal colonisation in pregnancy and pregnancy outcome in Zimbabwe