Engaging the next generation

rikkeMedical student, Rikke Jensen Moth, attended the Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research Meeting in Tromsø, 3-4 Nov. 2016 on behalf of the Norwegian Medical Student Union (NMF). She explained that Global Health is a new focus area for NMF, with global health student representatives in each of the 5 NMF local branches. Moth expects to see more activity in this area as it reflects increasing student interest in global issues.

Read about their focus in Global Health (in Norwegian). They have established a mailing list forum for sharing experiences (learn more, in Norwegian)

During the day-long seminar 4 Nov, organised by the Centre for Arctic and Global Health (SAG), one of the speakers (Torstein Risør) spoke of how the current Norwegian medical curriculum makes it possible for students to engage in local, national and international questions of medical and social significance (see the circled areas in the graphical overview of the medical curriculum).


Moth herself will be travelling to Tanzania in January where she will be investigating post-operative infection issues in an orthopaedic hospital.

Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research welcomes the participation and engagement of the next generation of Norwegian doctors!