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Vacant position – Associate Professor in Health Promotion – University of Bergen

There is a vacancy for a full-time, permanent position as Associate Professor in Health Promotion at the Department of Health Promotion and Development, in the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen.

The Department of Health Promotion and Development at the Faculty of Psychology, performs research and offers master’s programmes within health promotion, child welfare and global development. The Department enjoys close collaboration with researchers from other faculties and is a leading international academic institution within health promotion research.

The Faculty of Psychology offers professional study programmes for psychologists, is responsible for university tuition in pedagogy for the UoB’s own staff, contributes to the pedagogical content of teacher training and offers academic degrees within a wide range of studies: child welfare, health promotion, pedagogics, special education, teacher training, psychology, work and organisational psychology, and speech and language therapy. The faculty’s main areas of research focus are connected with health, education, development-related research and basic research in its broadest sense.

For full text here, and application, follow this link. 

A comparison of the Aral Sea in 1989 (left) and 2014 (right). Photo: NASA

The vanishing Aral Sea: health consequences of an environmental disaster

Access to safe water and food is linked to global, regional and local climate changes. In some areas swift changes have entailed serious health-related consequences. An alarming example is found in the Aral Sea area of Central Asia.

“Tidsskrift for den norske legeforening”, the journal for the Norwegian Medical Association, has published an article by Turid Austin Wæhler from Centre for Arctic and Global Health, University of Tromsø, the Arctic University, and Erik Sveberg Diestrichs, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, at the University Hospital of North Norway.

Read the article here.

– Will help Russians achieve better health

Turid Austin Wæhler, advisor at Centre for Arctic and Global Health, University of Tromsoe, is interviewed in the High North News in relation to their project “Improving of public health in Arkhangelsk”. The project is a cooperation between the University of Tromsø, Arkhangelsk Regional Center of Medical Prevention, RASSVET, Arkhangelsk Society for Prevention of Diseases and the Northern State Medical University, and is fully funded by the Barents Secretariat.

Read the interview here.

“Informasjon om helse, helserettigheter og helsetjenester til beboere i ankomstsenter og transittmottak”

Folkehelseinstituttet har gitt ut rapporten Informasjon om helse, helserettigheter og helsetjenester til beboere i ankomstsenter og transittmottak

Beboere i ankomstsenteret og transittmottak får mye informasjon, men lite generell informasjon om helse, helserettigheter og helsetjenestene. Informasjon er tilgjengelig for dem som oppsøker den, men det er behov for mer systematisk formidling av helseinformasjon, til alle beboere.

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